How To Create Landing Page with GrooveFunnels, GroovePages – Easy & Short Tutorial

How To Create Landing Page with GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels & GroovePages Tutorial – How To Use GroovePages and create a landing page for FREE using GrooveFunnels from scratch. This is GrooveFunnels Training 101 short tutorial that is Beginner Friendly.

After watching this video, you can learn How To Create Landing Page or Sales Funnels with GrooveFunnels, GroovePages from scratch with this short & easy tutorial. Learning how to create landing page on groovefunnels is not difficult at all, I have students who made a funnels within 1.5 hours after watching this Groovefunnels landing page tutorial.

00:00 Introduction of Groovefunnels & Groovepages – Free landing page & funnel builder software

01:18 Groovefunnels login walkthrough of different functions

02:08 How to Login to GroovePages and build first landing page on Groovefunnels

03:30 Quick Overview of the dashboard of GroovePages and different elements & function inside Groovepages

04:06 Most frequently used elements in Groovepages & Groovefunnels

04:42 How to duplicate button in Groovepages & Groovefunnels

07:41 How to change backgrond color in Groovepages or Groovefunnels

06:10 What is Block & Element in Groovepages or Groovefunnels

10:04 How to change call to action button colour in Groovefunnels or Groovepages

10:33 How to configure call to action button text in Groovefunnels or Grovepages

11:45 How to change or replace logo images in Groovefunnels templates

14:13 How to adjust spacing or margin for blocks or images or texts in Groovepages or Groovefunnels

20:30 How to publish or update my site of Groovefunnels or Groovepages to become LIVE

20:43 How to set Groovepages or Groovefunnels subdomain for account

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